Hidden dialog box when creating new database

File > New > Database brings up a blank window. The dialog box for creating the new database opens behind this, and in order to find it I have to do a three-finger down swipe (App Expose) to make visible all LibreOffice windows and dialog boxes currently open. Can’t even use the Window menu, because all menus except LibreOffice and File disappear when selecting File > New > Database.

I did a screencast showing what happens.

I turned off OpenGL and restarted LO to see if this made a difference. It didn’t.

Mac OS High Sierra 10.13.3


It appears this is a bug and you should report it on Bugzilla.

I get similar result on Mint with same LO version:

I selected the blank window to bring it to the front for this display. On Mint it actually displays behind the Database Wizard & disappears on selecting the Wizard if starting as you did. If I start a new database directly from LO Base it eventually becomes the main screen of Base file being created. So it seems the frame is being created prematurely.

Thanks for confirming. I will report it.