Hidden Text and Macros

I have a question about hidden text, and setting up a couple of macros for using it. I did a google search some years back and found out information about using hidden text, and figured out how to record a couple of macros so that I could easily use it in documents. I don’t remember if I got the information from an OpenOffice forum, LibreOffice forum, or some other site. I have found this particularly helpful with outlining using numbered or bulleted lists. It is still set up on my other system, and working fine in an older version of LibreOffice on that system, but I can’t figure out how I did it, and copying the macro text over from the old system/earlier LibreOffice to new system/LibreOffice ver did not work.

I know that I defined a variable I named Hide, with a value of 9. Then, I believe I recorded a macro where I created a Hidden Text or Hidden Paragraph Function (it could have even been a Hidden Section maybe), with a condition “Hide==9” and saved it. Then I assigned keyboard shortcuts to each. After that, I could use the shortcut and put in the variable on the end of a line on a numbered list. Then, I could type in text in an unnumbered list entry below it, select the text and all the way up to the ‘field place-holder’ (the square box with a 9 in it denoting a field), but not including the ‘place-holder’ in the text selection. Then I would hit my shortcut key for hiding the text and it was hidden. Then, all I had to do was double-click on the variable field and change the value from 9 to 0 or 1 or something to hide/unhide that block of text.

So it was kind of like this :

  1. A list entry, with the variable field at the end [9]

     Some text in an unnumbered entry, expanding on the subject or whatever

On the new system/LO, I don’t have a problem setting up the Hide variable and getting that to work. But when I select my text block and all the way up to the ‘variable place-holder’ ( the [9] in the above example) and use my shortcut, it doesn’t hide the text and work as it did in the older version on the other system. In version, it puts the text in another box up right next to/behind the variable field. Changing the value of the variable does not hide/unhide the text. And I can’t get the text to unhide no matter what I try.

Hopefully someone can figure out what I am talking about and will be able to help me figure out how I did this. Thanks for any help anyone can give.

OK, I have gotten it to work adding a section and clicking the box for Hide. Then setting the condition to “Hide==9”. But it only works one time. When you double-click the variable and change it from 9 to 1 or 0 or whatever, it shows the text. Then if you double-click it and change it back to 9, it doesn’t hide the text. Then, when you click “format > section” in the main menu, and the box opens, you can see that it automatically changes the Hide condition from “Hide==9” to just zero. LibreOffice seems to do this change of the condition to 0 automatically, on it’s own. I don’t know if this is a difference between the old version of LibreOffice and version or what.

Can anyone help with this?