hide row based on passed date

My first column is date, and then there are 12 more columns for different information.
Every row starts with a different date, followed by this other information.
When the date is passed, I want the hole row (with passed date) to “disappear”.

  • Manually it is easy, just select row range, right click, select hide row.

How do I make this automatically, when starting the file another day?

Build ID: a3100ed2409ebf1c212f5048fbe377c281438fdc
CPU-treads: 4; Version OS: Windows 6.2; UI-rendering: standard;
Language: sv-SE (sv_SE); Calc: group

Just add anywhere in your sheet two cells. In the first of them input name of column of dates, in the second input formula =TODAY(). Set name for this range and set it as filter criteria. Apply Advanced Filter to your data range.
Write small macro like as this:

Sub RefreshFilter
	dispatcher = createUnoService("com.sun.star.frame.DispatchHelper").executeDispatch( _
		ThisComponent.CurrentController.Frame, ".uno:DataAreaRefresh", "", 0, Array())
End Sub 

Call it on event Document Open

HowTo Create Filter

(Full version of animation see here)

You could use the macro HideRowValue() for this

Sub HideRowValue( strSheetName As String, iColumnIndex As Integer, oValueToHide, Optional bFindAll As Boolean )
REM	This hides a Row in Calc if it contains a specific value inside a particular Column.
REM <strSheetName>:	The name of the Sheet containing the Column with index=iColumnIndex.
REM <iColumnIndex>:	0-based index of the Column that holds the values to check.
REM					( the values in this Column should be of the same Type as the value to hide ).
REM <oValueToHide>:	If this value is found in the cell, then the entire Row will be made hidden.
REM <bFindAll>:		True = Hide ALL occurences; False = Hide only the first occurence.
	Dim oSheet : oSheet = ThisComponent.Sheets.getByName( strSheetName )
	REM Traverse Rows:  99999= set here your maximum number of Rows to check...
	For i = 0 to 99999
		oCell = oSheet.getCellByPosition( iColumnIndex, i )
		If oCell.Value = oValueToHide Then
			oSheet.Rows.getByIndex( i ).isVisible = False
			If Not bFindAll Then Exit Sub
		End If
	Next i
End Sub

in your case you could call something like HideRowValue( "Sheet1", 0, CDate("17-04-2015") )
Then you could connect it to the Sheet Event “Activate Document”.