Hide shape's text outside of shape's borders

If text inside of a shape (say, rectangle or textbox) does not fit within the shape’s borders, then it is simply displayed outside of the borders (if flags “Fit width to text” and “Fit height to text” are not set).

Is there a way to hide the text outside of shape’s borders? (Really hide, not just to set the font’s color to that of the background. )

This is not a real solution but the best approximation I could find.

The shape acts like a clipping one only when you enable some animation.

  • Select the shape with your overflowing text
  • Format>Text, Text Animation tab
  • Set Effect to Scroll in and eventually tune the other parameters

After the progressive scroll in, only the central part of the text remains visible inside the shape.

Apparently, you can’t align the text left or right; it is centered only.

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