Hide sheet with password

I have a timereport system in LibreOffice Calc. I want to open one sheet with instructions that anyone could see and then hidden the personal reports so they are only visible with password. Is it possible.
Best regards Ulrika

I don’t think it’s possibly

You could hide sheets and password protect the spreadsheet structure through Tools -> [x] Protect Spreadsheet Structure.


  • This allows a single password only. So each user having the password, will be able to show (unhide) all sheets being hidden.

  • “Spreadsheet Structure”-protection is a weak protection, since it is possible through a more or less simple manipulation of the .ods container to break the protection.

Thankyou. It will not work. I need a password for each sheet.

Something like this is usually controlled by the access permission(s) of the operating system.

There each table of a person should be in a different directory.

One sheet with instructions in a directory to which all have access.

Ask your IT manager to set it up.