Hide the last slide

I want to hide the last black slide of Impress. In wich it says: “click to exit presentation”

The blackout screen

If you mean the standard blackout screen that shows after a slideshow ends, I believe there is no way to disable it. What do you want instead?

Some workarounds:

  • You can loop to the beginning. See the Slide show settings.
  • If it is an automatic timed slideshow, you can set a very long timeout for the last slide.
  • Otherwise, just refrain from clicking on the last slide. Press escape key to return to editing the presentation.

A slide you made

If this is a black slide you have made yourself and want to omit but not delete, you can use a custom slide show and omit that particular slide.

I suppose that the "last black slide in which it says: “click to exit presentation” is not a part of the presentation, and isn’t managed by custom slide show…

You are probably right, Mike. Editing my reply accordingly. Thanks!

Yes. That’s the one i want to remove it. In power point you have this option.
But, there is no such a big problem…
Thanks anyway for the answer!

Slightly depressed to find this is still an issue.

I solve it with a final pair of identical slides with the information that we have got to the end, and don’t go past them. I use a pair incase I overclick!

If do you play the slide show with mouse…

  • Insert a rectangle shape covering the last slide
    impress shape rectangle

  • Set area to none
    Area none

  • Send it to back
    send to back

  • Select the interaction at mouse click to Go to page or object and select the same last slide
    Interaction go to page

  • Don’t press Right Arrow nor Down Arrow nor Page Down (edit) nor N (/edit)

You can press B for a blank (black) screen, or W for a white screen.

See sample file: no last slide.odp (11.3 KB)

Tested with LibreOffice (x64), Windows 10.0.