hide whitespace not working

I’ve used hide whitespace for YEARS. In the past two days, it suddenly stopped working. I did manage to get it to work in safe mode, but that’s safe mode. It must be something to do with the update. Does anyone have a way to fix this issue? It’s very irritating and interrupts my writing flow.

I did manage to get it to work in safe mode, …

If it works in Safe Mode, your user profile is broken and you need to replace it, see:

Safe Mode

But literally the only thing that I changed is adding two words to my dictionary and updating, how would that break my profile?

You would have to ask the developers.

In addition, you are making a context that is not certain.

how would that break my profile?

I must admit that one least reliable thing in LibreOffice (as well as in its predecessor OOo) is user profile. It is corrupted at random, often, and that’s why every bug report has a “has user profile been reset?”, and there is a wiki on that, and so many articles and answers mentioning that.

Unfortunately, it’s very difficult to get a reliable scenario to reproduce the corruptions. Very rarely we can fix such a case - as in tdf#135997 (that was also a case of corrupt profile, resulting in crashes). More often we don’t have repeated identical problems reported by users in a reproducible way. Unfortunately.

Random corrupt profile, the turn it off and turn it on again of Libre office. Got it. Got a link on how best to do that?

The link from me above in my answer should actually describe it.

You go back to the Help>Safe Mode menu and select Reset to Factory Defaults.

Or you can do it manually by renaming the existing user profile.

This will cause LibreOffice to no longer find the user profile and create a new fresh user profile.

If you have made many user changes to LibreOffice, the old renamed profile will help you to take over the possibly still good files.