Hiding menu bar permanently

Hi, I am running LibreOffice on Linux Mint 20 Cinnamon. I am a big fan of the new option to hide the menu bar in the Writer app via View > [ ] Menubar. Unfortunately my preference resets every time I re-launch Writer. Is there a way to make Writer remember my preferred setting for the menu bar so that it is hidden permanently? Many thanks!

Are you using UI Tabbed?

no, I am using Single Toolbar UI

Ok - on my systems (Mint 20 / Cinnamon + LibreOffice / openSUSE 15.2 / KDE + LibreOffice there is no View > [ ] Menubar option in Single Toolbar UI

I guess OP added customised Single Toolbar to add icon for Menubar. On Win 10 (2HO2), LO I can confirm that menubar comes back after closing LO with it hidden in Writer with Single Toolbar.

I suspect it is deliberate so as to ensure you can access the menu after you hide it.

I guess OP …

@EarnestAl - Exactly that’s the problem with this question: It requires to guess due to imprecise information

It seems his desired outcome would create a bigger problem.

I’d recommend he uses Tabbed Compact as the menu doesn’t return.

@anon73440385 @Earnest AI I am sorry for the imprecise information, but from what I remember I only customised the toolbar to add the hide/show menubar icon (so that I would have access to the menubar when needed). See https://i.postimg.cc/yYQn7q0T/Untitled.png

Most software that have an option for hiding the menu bar implements a simple shortcut to show it, all you have to do is hit the Alt key and the menu bar will show when hidden. This is how Firefox, Thunderbird, Nemo, Typora (among many others) work. Unfortunately that is not the case with Writer as of, which is why I added that icon. In any case, is there a way of hiding the menubar permanently?

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I’ve submit a request for this Alt shortcut to be implemented, as it’s a fairly standard approach to UI: https://bugs.documentfoundation.org/show_bug.cgi?id=138775

And why don’t you define the shortcut using Tools -> Customize -> Tab: Keyboard and assigning your preferred shortcut to function Menubar?

Because the Alt shortcut is not to toggle the option. It works like this: when the hiding menubar option is enabled in the software mentioned before, hitting the Alt key and the menu bar will show up momentarily when hidden. Hitting ESC, Alt again, or clicking outside the menubar will hide it once more. I think it’s fairly reasonable to ask for this standard shortcut for the devs given that this new hide menubar feature has been recently implemented.

Besides, adding a shortcut like this would not address the issue that the changes are not permanent.

Because the Alt shortcut is not to toggle the option

Wrong - just tested ALT+H and it toggles.

You are very rude in your replies. And you are also misunderstanding the issue. I tried to explain that the typical shortcut that most applications use (such as Firefox, Atom, Nemo, etc.) behave in a way that you cannot just simply emulate with the current implementation in LibreOffice. This is a fairly non-standard approach to it. All applications mentioned memorise the user preference for hiding menubars and implement a single press of Alt key as a way to momentarily show the menubar. Hitting ESC, clicking away, or hitting Alt a second time will hide it once more. What I meant to say is that Alt is not simply enabling/disabling the hide menubar option, it is used once the option to hide the menubar is on.

At this point there is not much use to continue arguing to be honest, the option I am looking for is clearly not implemented and you have been rude since the very first reply here, quite a welcome. Hopefully the devs will be reasonable enough to see that the shortcut I am talking about is basically a UI standard these days.