High Xorg %CPU in Calc when entering text in cell

Hi – I recently upgraded from Mint 18.3 to 19.1. Now having problems with Xorg causing high %CPU when entering text in a cell. The upgrade installed Libre 6.0 which replaced the older Libre that came with Mint 18.3. I had no problems with 5.1.6. I tried upgrading LIbre to 6.4 but that didn’t help. I do admit that I am using an older laptop and that i can’t expect top performance. But should i just downgrade to the older version of LIbre ( or just revert back to the 18.3 Mint that i was using previously? Thanks for any advice or tips.


Do you have conditional formatting?

Hi – thanks for responding. No I don’t have conditional formatting. But the spreadsheet has 892 rows and 12 columns so it is a little large.But I closed this spreadsheet and opened a new blank spreadsheet and had the same very sluggish text entry with high CPU for Xorg.

Then try with a clean profile, Menu/Help/Restart in Safe Mode.

Hi again – thanks for getting back to me. I restarted in Safe Mode – same problem. When I start typing in a cell Xorg quickly goes to 50% CPU.