Highlight some ranges of a diagram

I’m trying to highlight some ranges of an existing diagram.

The original diagram shows temperatures (Y axis, Celsius degrees) along a X axis (time with an infraday resolution). It’s typed XY scatter.

To highlight the desired timeframes, the diagram type is changed to Area. Existing data series are formated with no filled area, only a border. To higlight some areas, a new data series is added to the second Y axis. This data series is formated with a colored area and no border. Its values are either 0 or 1. Another series will be added later (there is a need for two distinct highlighting).

This above-described way achieves highligting with penalties:

  • the scale of the X axis is no more configurable with the needed resolution. The closest the Date type can do is day and that does not work: all data points for a given day are on the same vertical line. Auto and Text types do not allow for any configuration (min, max…);
  • undesired border along the axes for original data series;
  • legend’s symbols are misleading: original data series are shown with a transparent square with a very thin colored border. I’d like only the full-size border shown.

How do I do highlight precise ranges of a diagram with Calc without these drawbacks?

Are these data that are to be highlighted in consecutive dates? Why do you scale them either 1 or 0 and not the exact values? You could have your 2 (3)? data series, all differend colored. I would avoid using area charts here altogether. Can you provide an example, how it should look like?

Data to be highlighted are not in consecutive dates. There are 5 distinct periods.

The exact values don’t matter, I just want the area highlighted.

I found a solution -which is not using area charts. I shall provide an example in a few days, after my presentation…

@raph82, please edit the question to include a link to a a graphic of the resultant chart and indicate observed vs expected behaviour. Charts of the XY Scatter type are handled differently from charts of the Line type and not all aspects relating to categories and data series are translatable (and there may also currently be some problems with the chart wizard in relation to charts of type XY Scatter. Thanks.