Highlight the row or column where your mouse is in Calc

Hi, is there a way to highlight the row and/or column in which the mouse pointer is positioned at that moment? Of even better, just highlight the number and letter of that specific row and/or column.


Bug 33201 - UI: Highlight (not select) current row and column in spreadsheet
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Highlight the row and column of the active cell.ods (13.2 KB)

Using conditional formatting and macro to insert the active cell in A1 linked to Spreadsheet Selection changed events.

hi mariosv, thanks! goodness, this is already asked since 2011 :S. pity that it is still not implemented all this time.

schiavinatto, thanks. i tried your file, but i didn’t see anything highlighted. maybe because i am not an expert…

update: sorry, it does work! thank you! in a big and full spreadsheet this is very welcome.

crosshighlight.ods (21.9 KB)

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hello Villeroy, thank you very much. amazing that LO doesnt implement it as an option.

It would be great to have it as an extension.

Too many options already.

But not my dirty hack with a hard coded background colour applied to a cell range. You will get unexpected results when your spreadsheet cells have hard formatted back colours. When changing the selection, the macro resets the back colour of the previous selection to default, the default according to the underlying cell styles. Since the macro should not affect the saved status of the document (despite modifying it actually), it stores the current saved status in a variable, does what it does and resets the document’s saved status to the variable value. Creating that macro was a little game on a lazy afternoon.

Something like this should be implemented on a lower level without modifying any document.

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Don’t worry about, nothing is perfect, but something is more than nothing.
I think it will be useful for a lot o people.

How to roll your extension package:
Open my crosshighlight.ods.
Button “Organizer…”
Tab “Libraries”
Location: “crosshighlight.ods”
Library: “Highlight”
Button “Export…”
[X] Export as extension

This is the result: CrossHighlight.oxt.ods (2.7 KB) [download, remove the .ods name suffix and install the oxt)

still it is very impressive

New user here. I’ve added the file to Extension Manager but not sure how to activate it or add it to an existing spreadsheet. Thanks for any assistance. File used to be an MS Excel file. Win 10 Pro. LO Calc ver. x8664.

menu:Tools>Customize… tab “Events”
Select the event “View created” and choose macro MyMacros > Highlight > Module2 > Main

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Thank You! This is Great!