histogram - frequency distribution - discrete data

In calc I am wanting to plot a histogram / frequency distribution from discrete data.

[My stats knowledge is “enough to be dangerous”… For this post I would divide data into 3 categories:
Continuous (eg Height, a floating point value)
Discrete (eg Number of people, a numeric integer)
Categorical (eg Make of car, probably a text string)

Anyone want to correct me so that I can use the correct terms, please do!!!

All the discussions about this that I can see involve continuous data requiring bins to be set up.
I know what I want can be done by sorting, grouping etc but I am doing many of these charts and am wanting a “low click” method. I also have many different data sets with different data values so I am wanting say a modified “FREQUENCY” function which determines the unique entries in the Data parameter, and therefore does not require a Classes parameter.

Is there a way to do this with LO4?

Do any of the developers / software architects know if it is possible, within the LO framework, to create modified / simplified versions of the existing statistical functions that can be optimised for use with discrete / categorical data? I am not asking for it to be done, just how big a job it would be, and whether it conflicts with the LO design …


Although the question here was asked later, it now has a decent answer and this one is therefore a duplicate.

Work through this answer(s) it might have asolution for you.

In General: Calc is a spreadsheet program and I think there is only so much you can squeeze in it.