Hit close and don't save by accident, can I recover?

Yesterday, I did a couple hours work on Calc doing database management for a friend. At the end for some dumb reason, I hit the close button and when it asked if I wanted to save it, I clicked the don’t save by accident. No I did not save any previous versions. Like I said I was an idiot. I will do that from now on.

My question is this: Calc seems to save a version of the document every 10 minutes or so. I assume this is the file it uses to do a recovery if the program crashes. I was curious if this file is somewhere on my computer and if it is possible to locate it and use it to re-create the document?

I am running Win 10 and have Libre Office Version

The file is erased on successful original file close. So your only hope is some “Undelete” tool and much of luck that the disk area that hold the temporary file wasn’t overwritten in the meanwhile.