Hit ENTER and paragraph style changes! Fix please?

As in the subject line. I use styles quite a bit. With one template I’ve started using recently, when I type a paragraph, and hit Enter, the paragraph style of the preceding paragraph (the one I just finished typing) is changed to a different one. Always!

There is no relation between the unwanted paragraph style and the linked styles in template which are carefully nested using F11 > Hierarchical (from drop-down at the bottom of the Style panel).

(I have searched Ask LibO, but this problem seems not to have been reported.)

Fortunately (as it were), someone else did have this problem and asked for help in the LibreOffice forum. (Others in the thread reported the same problem.) Even more fortunately, it found a solution

The solution (which seems to be a last resort option) is to remove the current user profile and let LibO build a new one (which it does automatically). There are full instructions in the User Profile help. It certainly worked for me!

N.b. You might want to export your Templates before rebuilding your user profile. However, if you follow the instructions simply to rename the old profile to <user>.old, then you can still find them in the <user>.old/template directory. (Of course, “renaming” is recommended over “deleting” for this, and related, reasons.)

[Reported here just in case others are experiencing this slightly confusing (and very annoying!) issue, and come to AskLibO for help.]