Hit some key(s) and deleted entire 36p doc i was writing. How to recover?

Much material entered since last save. Writer is locked up and the screen is filled with a black box. Writer (x64), Win10.

At best, Writer is active and you can undo ctrl+Z, but you probably already tried that.

  • Is that black box inside the Writer window, or is Writer invisible, perhaps shut down? Do you have a Writer icon on the taskbar?
  • Can you see any other messages or unusual screen artifacts?

At worst you are victim of ransomware (crypto-virus). If you have remote backups, DO NOT access backup media until you are confident that the computer is safe from that.

Thank you, keme. I tried to undo but wasn’t able to. Black box was inside the Writer window and filled it. Yes, Writer icon was visible. No other screen artifacts except a large clear vertical bar, like a cursor, fixed in the center. I was able to close the doc and reopen the last saved version. Not too much lost. Academic for me now, but I wonder if it has happened to others.

Yes. Shit happens. As far as I can remember I got sinilar crashes due to “bad allocation” errors.
A forced exit program (task manager; forced power down in rare cases) and a restart mostly can recover a lot.

Not sure I accidentally hit any keys. It may have just crashed.