Hlookup whole row?

hello, I have a spreadsheets I have been trying to organize, Right now I have each row being single costumer’s information, column 1 is customer name, column 2 is street address, column 3 is city and so on…
What I have been trying to accomplish is having a separate sheet for each city, since my spreadsheet is not alphabetical to the city name, I have been using the find and replace to get all results for my city search but it would be 100X easier if I could have each city in it’s own sheet. using =hlookup I am only able to show the city name, I would like the entire row with all customer information to show up. not sure if i’m doing it right.
any help would be appreciated!

I think having the data duplicate in several sheet give to a issues and make the spreadsheet slow if there is a lot of data.

Several ways to view the data of one or several cities:

  • With Menu/Data/Autofilter, clicking on the arrow for cities you can select several or one of them.

  • With Menu/Data/More filters/Standard filter - Options - Copy results to, you can send the selection to other sheet or range.

  • With Menu/Insert/Pivot table, results can be organized by cities, filtered, or even you can create one pivot table for every city filtering.

Thank you! Menu/Insert/Pivot table worked out great! Saves me from troubleshooting the syntax!!