Hotkey to Paste Format only in LO Calc

When using the “Clone Formatting” tool, as soon as the mouse button is released, the paintbrush function is “disbanded” and you must click the clone icon every time you want to clone formatting.

There is the “Double Click” on the Paintbrush icon to clone multiple times. I have not found a shortcut key that duplicates this function though.

The advantage with a “Paste Formatting” function, is the system keeps in memory the last text or cells that were copied. You can then perform other functions in between (with exception of copying) and re-execute the “Paste Formatting” function, and you then paste the format of whatever was last copied.

I use this function quite a bit in Google Docs & Google Sheets (Ctrl + Alt + v).

I was wondering if there was a workaround, a Hotkey or a Macro, I might have missed that could duplicate this function.


I don’t understand the question CTRL+SHIFT+V followed by ALT+O+ENTER (if once selected only option [x] Formats in category Selection of the dialog), performs what you want (though IMO if you use such operation frequently, defining and applying cell styles is the LibreOffice-way to go)

You can use the Paste special, ctrl+shift+V and Enter.

First time you have to untick everything except Format. Your selection will stick on subsequent paste special through the session (unless you change it, of course).

Edit: The above only works for Calc. In Writer your issue is probably best resolved by using styles. Predefine a style with the formatting settings you want to repeat, and assign a keyboard shortcut to that style.

Sorry! My mistake, I meant to write for LO Writer

My solution: I’ve create a Macro and assigned a Hotkey.

  • Record Macro, Paste Special / Untick everything except Formats, Stop Recording
  • Assign Hotkey to Macro (Ctrl + Alt + v)

And I now have the same Hotkeys that I use in Google Sheets :slight_smile: