Hour glass lag 5 seconds per character when I try to type in body (near footnotes)

I’m using writer (Windows 7, 64). The document is only 10 pages long. When I try to type in the main body of document at the bottom of page or top of page (above or just below footnotes), it lags (showing the hourglass) about 5 seconds per every character typed. (This does not happen when I type anywhere else within the body of the page away from the footnote area). Update: Turning on the view setting “hide whitespace” has helped.

You are likely to hit some corner case of layout, when Writer has hard time deciding which text should go to next page near a dynamic area at the bottom of the page. If you can provide a test document, it would be useful to create a bug report for this case. A workaround would be to temporarily insert a page break before the paragraph that gives you the trouble, finish its contents, and then remove the break.