how are missing values dealt with in calc?

OS Ubuntu 19.10
Libre Office v.

Do you mean empty cells or “N/A” values?

… or missing arguments to functions? in-built ones or custom functions written e.g. in Basic? or something else?

There are lots of very different situations we might subsume under the subject
“How are missing values dealt with in calc?”. To avoid wasting time on the behalf of the contributors be more precise next time, please.
You should probably read this Q&A.

Thank you.
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It heavily depends…
…and the only consistently regarded principle insofar is inconsistency.

This isn’t an issue specific to LibreOffice Calc, but one of the many cases where history and bad traditions block a logically satisfying behaviour of spreadsheets.

===EDIT 2019-12-25 about 12:10 UTC===

As this seems to be about subexpressions or references to cells containing formulas which retuirn the #N/A error message:
Referenced errors or errors returned by subexpressins are generally propagated through by formulas. (I don’t know an excplicit specification about probable preferences if more than one.)

Use the functions IFERROR() and/or IFNA() to easily catch errors in formulas. That’s a kind of try … except construct. You may also use test-errors like a subexpression 1/0. Concerning the #N/A error there is the function NA() which returns that error and nothing else.

Thank you for your responses.
My problem is with “N/A” values. For example, if a cell contains 0 even though that is an impossible value, or if a cell contains 546 when the maximum possible value is 500.
So I need to be able to define maximum and minimum values for a column and have Calc ignore any that fall outside the defined range.
Is that possible?

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