How best to post a simple tutorial?

In Base, how do you create a form displaying an image to which the database contains only the path? It is, in fact, very easy to do in Base (and apparently very hard in Access), but it is hard, not to say impossible, to find a concise but clear and complete explanation on the web. For my own future reference, I wrote such an explanation. What is the best way to share it on the LibreOffice website?

I would get in touch with the Documentation Team:

Good point, especially if the tutorial is detailed.

One method is to write up an appropriate question and answer pair and post them here. There is nothing to stop you answering your own questions, in fact it is encouraged as the purpose of the site is to share information. The main thing to concentrate on is the formatting used on this site (e.g., leading greater-than sign for quotations, four space indent for block code, backtick/grave for surrounding in-line code examples, etc.) This will make any question / answer clearer for others.

Wouldn’t it be nice, though, if relevant sections of the LO documentation (and longer explanatory how-to’s and tutorial-style articles) came up either in Related Questions list or the search or ask your question results list. I think a single help interface would save time, and help to reduce the number of separate questions essentially about the same thing.

@frofa, I generally agree, however the nature of a how-to / tutorial being case-specific means there is always going to need for duplication, particularly when there are several ways to achieve the same result. Documentation (guides and help) is more general. I suppose some sort of shared index system could be developed to combine AskLO, Help, and Guide content, but it would likely need to be separate from the underlying AskBot software.