how can document title, subject, and keywords be used?

Under File > Properties > Description, there are text boxes for entering the document title, subject, and keywords. the documentation I have seen gives little insight into how this information can be used.

What is the purpose of having a document title that is different from the file name? Is it just to have a simple title that is clean of things like date, version number, editor, etc. How is it envisioned that the document title would be used?

The documentation says that documents can be grouped by subject. How is that done?

Documentation also says that keywords can be used for indexing. How is that done?

I know two use cases for this information

  • Insight the document

    You can show this information by inserting a Field from tab Docinformation. To insert a Field use menu Insert > Field > More Fields or press shortcut Ctrl+F2.

  • Operating system, here for Windows 10

  • If you right click a file icon and click on Properties, you get a dialog which has a tab Details. It shows Title, Authors, Subject, Tags (=Keywords in LibreOffice) and Comments.

  • In the Windows Explorer you can select, which information is shown in the Explorer. Right click the header bar and select a column to be shown. Here too Title, Authors, Subject, Tags and Comments correspond to the information in Libreoffice’s file properties.

Thank you, Regina.

For the first option, you suggest using fields to make the information available inside the document. Can that help to organize several documents by subject or to create an index?

Now I see how the second option uses the description information to actually sort and filter documents in Windows.

Presumably this works in a similar way for Linux and Mac. Do you know what the equivalent to Explorer is for them? Do they use “tag” rather than “keyword” too?

Thanks again.