How can I access a saved document from a different computer

I presently have Ultra Office Writer and Calc downloaded on my desktop and would like to access some documents on my laptop. Is this possible, if so How?
My OS is Windows 10, so I believe it’s the 1st option. I found an app called Universal FTP Server, is this the correct one.

The answer to this question depends on the OS, which you didn’t name.

Here are general leads:

  • install an FTP server on your desktop and grant access to some accounts
  • install a Samba server on your desktop and access the files there from your desktop and laptop
  • use ssh to directly execute LO on your desktop from the laptop (since you open a session on the desktop, you have access to all files the account permits)
  • copy your files on a common file server

Be aware that LO does not manage simultaneous access to the same file.

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EDIT 2020-09-26

Word “not” was missing in the caveat, betraying the intended meaning.

I use Windows 10, please confirm if 1st option is correct.

No experience with Windows in general, 10 in particular, but if there exists a widely available FTP server, it should do.

While Ultra Office does use code from LibreOffice, it is not the same suite. So the “1st option” you refer to (wherever and whatever that is) may exist in the same spot in LibreOffice, somewhere else, or not at all.

For help with the specific problem you are facing in Ultra Office, consult CompuClever support.

This site is a service targeting LibreOffice users specifically, not every branch or derivative work.(CompuClever products have received mixed revews. Many users complain about resource hungry software, bloatware, scams, etc. Many others are truly pleased with the products.) If you would consider changing, you can download LibreOffice for free, install and use it alongside your current suite if you would like to compare.

Thank You!