How can I access AutoText, specifically Formula Numbering (FN), for Greek (el) language?

I’m using libreoffice, greek language, windows 7 64bit
I want to insert some equations in writer and although I can insert them going insert–> object → equation but I can’t number them with a beautiful manner.
I searched the net and found the fn F3 solution which looks great but in my case nothing happens. I saw others asking the same thing and could resolve it by pressing ctrl+F3 but in my case auto text is completely empty. I’ve deleted the profile folder and nothing changed still autotext is empty and nothing is working. My questions:

  1. How come and auto text is empty to me and so fn F3 can’t work?
  2. If someone will give me his functional auto text will it work ok then?
  3. If the second question isn’t possible how can I enable it and make it work correct

@AlexKemp Sorry, that answer is not correct. It is not responsive to “Specifically formula numbering”. Try it yourself and you will see that it does not work, and you may notice that that much is said in the comments as well. Moreover, three years later, it still does not work. Please re-open the question so that it can be correctly answered.

ANSWER: When the document describes numbering equations it says type “fn” and then F3. The trick is that “fn” does not mean the function key, it means the literal text “fn” (without quotes). Type that and then type the key labled F3.

The AutoText facility (CTRL+F3) is language-based, so to access this feature for Greek (el) under Windows it likely requires selecting the related feature during the install. Having stated that I downloaded the el language pack for deb x86_64 and there does not appear to be any defined AutoText entries (<install_location>/share/autotext/el/) so it may be that these have not been completed for this language.

Thanks for clearing it out. But when I install libreoffice I install both greek and english language pack because many times I have to write things in english, so why isn’t there when I type in english? I’ll raise a bug report in libreoffice for it. Anyway can I find somewhere this fn F3 what is calling and how it is working in order to build it by my self?

@michalis, under the location I indicated (for en-US/) there is a standard.bau file, which is basically a ZIP containing a directory named in accordance with each AutoText entry in the Standard library. One of those directories is FN/ and contains an Object sub-directory (the example formula object), a pair of XML files (content.xml and styles.xml) as well as manifest.rdf. I would suggest copying the en-US AutoText BAU files and converting the content to Greek. Perhaps raise this on the Dev mailing list first though.

Strange things are happening to my installation. I reinstalled it yesterday so isn’t a problem by my side, must be from the installation files. I have in the autotext/ menu many language subdirectories but all of them are empty and I don’t have an en-US/ the english ones that I have are uk/ and en-ZA. So the problem seems that in the installation file somehow the en-US/ dir was left outside. I’m using libreoffice

@michalis, all I can suggest is that you download the GNU/Linux deb x86 version from here and extract the required AutoText files. The full install contains DEBS/libobasis4.2-en-us_4.2.5.2-2_x86.deb which in turn contains data.tar.gz in which you will find the ../autotext/en-US files. I am not sure the GNU/Linux files will work for a Windows install but you should be able to at least examine the files.