How can I activate page thumbnail on libreoffice 5 Writer

Does libreoffice 5 Writer have page thumbnail feature, Just like MS. Word 2007 page thumbnail or Libreoffice Draw. If so, how to activate it. I always use this feature on MS. Office Word, this feature really help me to jump to the other page easily and quickly

ms. word page thumbnail

No answer, but I want to second this. I could hardly believe it when I started searching for the option and slowly came to the realisation that probably it simply does not exist as option.

This is really, really basic for word processor these days. Sad to see it’s not there (apparently). Sadder even to see that time is available, but is put in things like copying that weird MS Office bar.

Whos time is available? Do you know the developers in person, who make the bar? Do you personally talk to them if they feel the need to work on the thumbnail feature? Do you think it’s a queue of tasks that are assigned by TDF to hired developers as soon as they finish their current tasks?

If you tried to tell the volunteer developers who create the bar not to do that, but instead to start doing thumbnails, you would simply loose them, and stay with nothing instead of what they like to do.

And by the way, “Answer” is meant to answer the question. “Me-too” replies should be comments at best, if they have at least some useful information that justifies posting them.