How can I activate the preview feature for Libre Office Writer?

I had Windows 10 and was able to get thumbnail previews of Libre Office Writer automatically. I recently bought a new laptop and can no longer get this feature. How can I get it again?

Please update your answer to specify where exactly do you miss the thumbnail preview. Is that Windows Explorer (file manager) where the file icons are no more showing the thumbnails; or is that LibreOffice’s own Start Center, where the recent documents list doesn’t show the thumbnails?

I have the same problem. Thumbnail preview not showing in windows explorer.
In options, View the “use hardware acceleration” is greyed out on my laptop, not on my PC which is working correctly.

Do not post an answer unless it is a real answer (and yours is not).

Just to make it clear: are you talking about this thumbnail preview that is shown using extra large icons (but also visible with smaller icons as well)?

@AntiWolf4: that requires Windows Explorer Extension be installed:

Thunbnail option in installer