How can I add a list of tables / list of illustrations in my title pages

I need to insert a chronological index of tables into the title pages of my thesis. I have got a table of contents already (Heading 1, Heading 2 etc), but I need a separate list of tables. I have formatted the captions of my tables as “Table” under “Styles and Formatting”. But now I can’t seem to insert an actual index of tables. How do I insert an index that will automatically give the page numbers and captions for each table? I have the same problem with figures/images/illustrations (any name will do, I just need a chronological list!). Help!

What do you mean by “chronological index”? A typical list of tables or figures is not chronological (i.e., ordered by time) but is usually ordered by page / appearance.

Just meant tables with page numbers, in order.

The default way to insert an index of tables (or of images) is, to use the predefined number range “Table” (Illustration). If you had used Insert > Caption for the table caption, this number range would be preselected in the “Category” list. For a self-made caption you have to insert the number range manually into the caption text. Find the number range field in Insert > Fields > Others > Variable > Type Number range.

Inserting the index is similar to the TOC, but select “Index of Tables” from the drop-down list “Type”. To base the index on the number range create the index from “Captions” and select the number range from the drop-down list “Category” on tab “Index/Table”.

The drop-down list “Display” determines, what is shown in the part E of the Entries Structure. “Reference” means the whole paragraph, which contains the number range field. “Category and number” means the text left from the number range field and the field itself. “Caption Text” means the text right from the number range field.

There are further ways to generate an index of tables. For example you can start with a TOC, but do not base it on Outline but on additional styles, and there you choose the paragraph style which you have used for the caption. This kind of index has the advantage, that you can use links inside the entry. In this case the part E will be the whole paragraph.

Thanks Regina - but when I go to ‘Insert’, “Caption” is greyed out and I can’t select it - any idea why this might be?

I’m really not very technologically savvy, so please pardon my ignorance! I’ve gone to Insert>Fields>Others>Variables>Number Range, but I don’t know what to do next. Do I need to type something? If so, what? And where? Do I need to highlight my existing caption before doing this?

Maybe I’m confused because I actually have no idea what a number range field is? (So I didn’t really understand your second and third paragraphs either…) Sorry!!

Your cursor has to be inside the table when inserting a caption. You can then choose in the dialog whether the caption is inserted before or after the table.

Find more details in section “Adding a caption” in chapter 9 in the Writer Guide (download from

A number range is a field with automatic counting. You should use the predefined one. Click on the item “Table” in the “Section” list and then on the button “Insert”, then “Close”.

Thank you! I used the default method (inserting captions with my cursor inside the table) and it worked out perfectly. :slight_smile: