How can I add numbering to chapter headings?

I’ve written a long paper with a standard template. I’ve used the existing styles (heading 1, 2 and 3) for the titles of the chapters. Now I would like to add a numbering to these styles. However, when I edit a style (“format” → “style and formating” then right click on an existing style), I can’t change anything under “Outline and Numbering”. The “outline” and “Numbering” fields are just greyed out.

Can anyone help?

I’m working with Libreoffice 3.3.4 under Ubuntu 11.04.

Ok. I found the answer myself. The numbering isn’t defined through “styles and formating”, but you have to go to “tools” → “Outline Numbering” and define the style of your numbering there.

So… if you already found the answer by yourself, let’s see only the ‘dialog box’ image below. :slight_smile:

image description

found into tools->outline numbering?