How can I add page numbering to documents?

Good afternoon! I deal with a problem related to pagination. I cannot add page numbers to a document without using the Pagination extension, which I have noticed did not receive an update version since v4. I am writing a book with several chapters written as separate files. I want to add page numbers with the integrated function (accessed from Insert menu - Page Number), page numbers that must continue from a file to another. For example, if I start with page number 1 (or a page number set by me) and finish a file at page 10, for example, I must be able to continue adding page number in the second file which should start with page 11. I should be able to repeat the procedure with the other pages within my document. How can I do that? Thanks in advance! Have a nice day!

The insert page number command is in the insert menu. To make it go on every page, the best way I’ve found is to create a header (or a footer) and then insert it into there.

Hello Marius,

  1. first select the menu “Insert : Manual Break…”,
  2. choose the option “Page break”,
  3. select a Style e.g. “First Page”,
  4. check the checkbox “Change page number”,
  5. type a new page number in the textbox, e.g. 11,
  6. click OK.
  7. now insert a Page Number Field on the new page.

If the only thing you want is to have the page numbering in a file starting from a specific value, navigate to the very first paragraph and go to Format → Paragraph → Text flow. There, in the Breaks section adjust the value of Page number.

If you want something more complicated, read this and this.

If you are creating a document with page numbering from several documents you could consider the use of a a MASTER DOCUMENT, see HELP > MASTER DOCUMENTS > Working with Master Documents and Sub-documents or read the Chapter 13 > Working with Master Documents of the LibreOffice > Writer Guide > Chapter 13 Working with Master documents.

This will manage the page numbering from multiple files.