How can i add superscript/subscript in chart (calc)?


I was trying to add a subscript in the title and caption of a chart that I made in calc, but I don’t see an option to do that, even copying the text from a cell didn’t do the trick. I don’t know if this feature was enabled in previous versions, currently I’m using version

I believe this feature is very important for all the people who use mathematical formulas, the correct display of the formula in chart is sometimes mandatory in certain assigments (engineering). Is there a way to request this feature?

Thanks a lot!


If I step up to a piano for the first time in my life, I don’t expect to be able to play right away. Contrarily, when I use an equation writing program, I DO expect to be able to effortlessly add superscripts and subscripts. The lovely and intelligent people who have volunteered to create this software certainly understand user interfaces, so it completely confounds me as to how things got so far along without cleaning up the most basic functionality? Superscripting/subscripting a character should be a context menu one mouse click operation. Is God playing a practical joke on me?


The request was made (see).

The workaround is:

  • Create a Text Box (drawing tool),
  • Copy,
  • Edit the chart▸Paste


Thanks for the answer Pierre!

That really worked out. I hope that in the future this feature will be implemented.


The above solution is a stop-gap. More generally an important feature for the charting tool is control of text formating and the ability to insert “special characters”. It would be awesome to see a sidebar with bold, italic, subscript, special chars, etc. I look forward to this capability being added since it is the last remaining roadblock, at least for me, to a permanent switch.