How can I adjust distance between lines of text in writer?

Hey guys, real easy one here for ya: how can I adjust the distance or “spacing” between lines of text?

My apologies for burdening everyone with such a basic question.

Also, is the distance between lines of text called “justification” or “spacing” in Libreoffice? I tried searching writer using both those terms but it didn’t return the desired result.

Open F11 styles. Right click the underlined (=used) style for the paragraph your cursor is in.
Click Modify...
You’ll find a drop down ‘Line Spacing’ on Indents & Spacing tab.
There you choose the spacing between lines of text.
Spacing refers to the space above/below paragraphs. Hit Ctrl+F10 to toggle visibility of control characters (like paragraph marks)

Hit F1 with that dialogue open to see the associated help.

I am using LO on mac- F11 doesn’t open “styles”. How can I get there by navigating through the menu?

Menu Styles>Styles and Formatting