How can I adjust spacing to 1.15 in Writer

I have tried adjusting the spacing in Writer by using the At Least, Leading, and Fixed options on both Windows 7 and Ubuntu 14.04 operating systems. It always results in a large amount of space between the lines instead of less than 1.5 line but more than single line spacing. Many publishers use a setting like this for printing books. Please let me know what I can do to make this adjustment. Thank you

If you have the sidebar open, there is a heading “Paragraph” with a dropdown box Linespacing which has 1.15 predefined.

Otherwise rightclick inside the paragraph, select Paragraph and Tab “Indents & Spacing” you will find the 'Linespacing" set to Single, use Proportional and enter 115%.

Thank you! I have tested this under Windows 7 64bit and it does work. I would like to add that the “Sidebar” is enabled under the “View” menu