How can I adjust vertical position of a single word?

I have a single word in a line to which I am applying a different font, called “Paint Drops”. The Paint Drops font has extrusions which fall below the letters, as if they were dripping. Writer seems to aligning the vertical center of the characters as if the drips were a part of the letters, so that when it it the same size as adjacent text, both the top and the bottom of the characters are well above the top and bottom of the text around it. I want to position this word so that the text aligns, with the drips extending below the line.

The character menu has a radio button “Raise/lower by”. However it is greyed out if vertical position is set to standard, and if subscript or superscript is chosen and text size adjusted to offset the automatic shrinking, the text can not be raised or lowered enough to center it.

Is there a way to turn raise/lower on with standard positioning? Or some other way to raise or lower a single word?

I would assume the issue isn’t actually related to LibreOffice Writer, but to the font.

If you can take the time for manual/visual adjustment, you can insert the respective text into a TextFrame with appropriate settings, anchor it As Character like you would with a Math object, and adjust it.
(Defina a specialized Frame Style for the purpose. The anchoring and the positonal adjustment, however, will not be saved with the style. The settings for automatic Width / Height and the Border settings will.)

Want to add: You can also select the respective TextPortion and use the character settings on the Tab Position. To be able to explicitly set the Raise/Lower percentage, you need to disable Automatic. The RelativeFontSize can be set on the same Tab. This again should be done defininjg a specialized CharacterStyle.

Thanks Lupp!

Could you tell me what menu (and submenu or box, if any) I need to be under to anchor as character, define a frame style, or tab position? Do any of these approaches let me just drag it into place, once I have the size right? And are these tab menus, or right-click menus?

The type of anchoring can be set via the context menu of the object (frame / image / OLE). If an appropriate named frame style is already defined, it can be assigned by a doubleclick in the stylist (F11) panel or toolbar while the frame is selected. Having just prepared such a style by editing the settings for an example, you can create the named style from the example using the respective icon in the stylist.
A raw demo file is attached.
There will be some handiwork ion every single case.

Perfect. Just what I need.