How can I automatically copy and paste one row of formulas out of a series of such rows based on a condition?

Ideas appreciated: I have several rows, possibly more than 10 and growing periodically, of different sets of reference formulas in upwards of 20 columns once again periodically growing. I want to use the appropriate reference row for different rows of data that I want to add to a spreadsheet. There could be 10 to 50 rows of data that I would add in a typical session, each row using the most appropriate formula set from the reference rows.

I want to select the proper row of formulas from the reference set conditionally based on the name of the new row that add, and have these formulas populate all of the appropriate columns for the new row. These formulas would then act on unique data that I would input in other cells in that row.

I can already achieve what I want by simple copy row and special paste (control - shift - v) selecting formulas only, but that’s manual work. Also, I don’t want to go the route of creating many repetitive (but different) extremely long and error prone conditional formulas in each cell so that they can distinguish which formula to use in each cell of a row; it would be a pain to create the formulas and a real pain to update them.

Depending on your situation, Tools - Scenarios, INDEX()/VLOOKUP() or Data - Multiple operations may be of use. Look into that, or give us more detail (preferably a sample sheet showing the full formula context).

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