How can I be sure post-crash recovery always brings back the most recent manual backup copy?

I’m working with LO x64 with Windows 10 up-to-date as of 1/25/19. On all documents I do a manual save every paragraph (almost all my files are LOWriter files.)

In the past, every crash recovery has brought back a very recent manual save copy of the document on which I was working. Within a few sentences, usually on the same page (my documents are multi-page.) Today, I’ve had multiple crashes where recovery ignores my last ten, twenty, thirty manual saves and brings back a copy from several hours ago. I believe that recovery is operating as before. I think the problem is the backup saved copy is not getting updated every time I make a manual save. What can I do to make sure that a manual save updates the file copy in the path indicated in Tools > Options > LibreOffice > Paths? Can anyone spell out for me the relationship of file recovery on the one hand and saves, both manual and automatic, and backup copies, manual and/or automatic on the other hand? The manual does not expand on this.

Go to 2019-01-26.png and click on AutoRecovery and set the time interval. Backup copies are updated every time you do a manual save supposedly.
Also click on always make a backup copy.
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I set AutoRecovery every time I load a new version of LO. But, for me at least, the important part is referred to in your second sentence. The version I’m using now ( most definitely does NOT update every time I do a manual save, which I do VERY often - having learned my lesson seriously.

So really what I need to know is (1) is there some secret setting under Tools > Options that I’m not acquainted with relating to all saves; (2) If the recovery copy is not affected by my manual saves, what good are manual saves? and (3) where does the recovery process go for the document version it recovers?

Thanks for your response!