How can I change label margins?

The leftmost character of the leftmost column of the label output is too close to the edge to print. How can I change the margin so that it will fit the label. The other columns print just right.


Similar to the answer below; works for 7.0.3:

This took ages to work out and there may be a better way to do this but this does work in LibreOffice version

1/. Open Writer and navigate to File>New>Labels

2/. In the Options tab make sure the Synchronize contents option is checked.(IMPORTANT!)

3/. In the Labels tab select your new database file from the Database dropdown box

4/. From the Table drop down box select the sheet you used (probably Sheet1).

5/. From the Database field drop down box select the first item in the list and click on the arrow to enter the field into the Label text area. Press [Enter] and then select the next item in the list and repeat until all the fields are in the Label text area.

6/. Select the Brand and Type of label sheet you are using and click on New Document.

7/. In the first label (top left) right click and select Paragraph

8/. In the Indents and Spacing tab set Before text to 0.20cm (3/4”) and Above paragraph to 0.50 (2”) then click OK. The first label will now have a decent margin, repeat instructions 7 & 8 changing the values to suit your needs.

9/. To copy your margins to the rest of your document press the Synchronize labels button.

10/. Navigate to Tools>Mail Merge Wizard and just click next 7 times and in page 8 of the Wizard click on Save merged document and click the Save Documents button

11/. Click Finish

12/. Save the document

13/. Open the document you have just saved and print your labels