How can I change shadow features for characters in direct formatting?

I want to change the shadow color, position, and distance of a character string without changing the style?

I appreciate hints for doing this?

Select the characters to modify, righ-click/Character/Font effects or Menu/Format/Character/Font effects.

Thanks for the answer. However, doing … / character / font effects only allows shadow or no shadow.

What I would like to do is to modify:

  • color of shadows
  • position of shadow
  • size of shadow
    for a selected string of characters.

Is there a recommendation?

I think with Menu/View/Toolbar/Fontwork, you can do it.

Thanks for you on-going help mariosv but the idea with the fontwork toolbar did not work as well.

I will wait about 2 - 3 days to see if new ideas are coming in. Thereafter I will make a bug report / enhancement request.

Hi @ROSt53, Did you file a bug report? Please add a link to it here, at the bottom of your question. Thanks!