How can I change some LibreOffice defaults?

I never use Headers and Footers! Is it possible to configure Calc (somewhere?) so that default is deactivated?
In fact this is just an example, there are a few others, but this is enough for a start…

Restart Calc with empty tables.
Choose Format>Page Style from the menu.
Go to the Header and Footer tab respectively and uncheck “on”.
From the menu, choose File>Templates>Save as Template.
Enter a name in the dialog, e.g. “MyStandard”.
Select a category, e.g. “My Templates”.
Put a Check mark to the “Set as default template” and click the “Save” button.


Thanks, that works great!.

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The settings concerning headers and footers in Calc are part of the used ‘Page Style’.
A document’s sheet may use more than one, but always only one for a single sheet.
Generally you should create templates containing your preferred settings, and probably a few (empty?) sheets having assigned the Page Styles you want to use and probably some preformatted columns…
The templates are then imported by the template manager, and one of them is made your default.

(There are lots of attributes, however, which are hard-coded.)