How can I change the cursor thickness in Writer?

The cursor in Writer is very thin. In MS Word, it is several times thicker and therefore easier to see. I don’t want to change the cursor thickness for everything on my computer, just for Writer. How can I do this in Writer? And If it is not an option to change the cursor thickness, it should be an option, somewhere.

I wanted to do this a while back and could find no solution via LibreOffice settings. While doing that I read on forums of others asking the same question, but no one knew of any way to do this via LibreOffice settings. That said, if you are on a Microsoft Windows system then you can do it. On Windows 7 go Control Panel > Ease of Access Center > Make the Computer Easier to See and you will see the cursor setting there. You could experiment with that. Maybe it will be fine for your needs.

I do agree, it would be a good setting for Writer to have.

I’ve already done that, but the cursor was then too thick. I may have to do it again and try a thinner cursor than I had before. I wonder where we put in suggestions for improvements for Writer?

Thank you for this. This worked well for me