How can I change the font in only one of my text boxes in Draw?

Every time I try to change the font/font size/etc, it changes it in every text box on the page, and I want different fonts in different text boxes. I should be able to have different fonts on the same page, is this possible? How do I change the font in only one box, while not changing it in the others? Thanks!

You didn’t tell how you change the font. Edit your question to describe your procedure. Answers are reserved for solutions, so be sure to edit. Don’t answer.

Font and other attributes can be set with styles (=> reflected onto all objects so styled) or individually. Beware of the tools in the tool bar, they may operate on selected objects or on styles. This is why you’re requested to precisely describe your present procedure.

Specific procedure I used. I right-clicked on the box I wanted to edit, selected Edit Style, and changed the style to what I wanted in that box. When I was finished, I noticed that it had changed the font in my other two text boxes to the same font, size, etc.

Just apply a different style to objects what you want to format differently.

Your procedure is faulty.

When you edit a style, you change its definition but you don’t operate on any specific object. You customise the style. When you leave style edition, all objects referencing the style will be updated. This is what is expected from style.

To change only one object, select it. Then either right-click on it and Position & Size, Line or Area (and equivalent Format menu items) to change its geometric properties. To change its text attributes globally, Format>Text>submenu item.

  • Warning! There are two Format>Text. The one at the top opens a submenu for the attributes. The other one in the middle defines the position of the text relative to the object.

To change only a portion of a text, select the sequence and Format>Text>submenu item or the Properties in the sidepane.

EDIT 2020-11-13

The font setting is accessed via Format>Character. The change is applied to the selected object.

If no object is selected, the new choice affects newly created objects.

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I don’t want to change the attributes of the text box, I want to change the font within the text box, and only in that text box. I specifically said in my question that I want to change the font, is there a way I can change the font in only one box while leaving the fonts in the other box unchanged? Do I have to use only one font for an entire document?

See the edit in my answer.

That is exactly what I wanted to be able to do, thank you very much!!

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