How can I change the limits for resolution and page size in Draw?

[LibreOffice Draw
Build ID: 420m0(Build:2)

LinuxMint 17 Cinnamon 64-bit

I am wanting to increase the resolution and page size limit in Draw. I am using it as a tool for design in woodworking.

The main reason I want to change these is so that the dimension tool will correctly read measurements to scale.

Currently, my limit for page size is 118" x 118".
My limit for resolution (under Tools>Options>LibreOffice Draw>Grid>Resolution) is 3.94".

How can I increase both of these? (Or preferrably, take away the limit)

The limit of 118" × 118" cannot be changed. And I see no necessity to increase it. If you own an output device, which is larger, you will surely have got an application for this special output device.

Why do you need wider grid lines? Do you need grid lines at all? Have you considered to draw your own grid on a layer and use snap lines when needed?

I guess, that you do not really need such huge format, but that you are looking for scaling. So when drawing 1cm on screen it will mean e.g. 100cm in reality, and Draw shows the reality in the measure lines and rulers. You find it in Tools > Options > Draw > General

Brilliant! Your solution in using the scaling (something I overlooked) worked perfectly. Thank you very much!