How can I change the page numbering in the header of text

I’ve been trying for a couple of hours to try to change the page numbering in the header of several pages of text for a chapter of text. I’ve read through everything and tried it all and nothing seems to work. Why is it so difficult to do such a simple process?

Please edit the question to give specific details. What is the current behavior, and what is the desired result? Also, describe what you have tried; words like “everything” and “all” do not describe anything. See guidelines for asking.

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By the way, did what you refer to as everything include this tutorial and this tutorial?

You can only make settings for the header per se with effect for all the pages in the factual sequence of your current page. A sequence of pages in this sense is delimited from pages above by a manual page break not inserted by the shortcut (Ctrl+Enter) but by Insert > Manual Break... > Page break explicitly selecting a named page style. Inserting a page break this way you get offered the opportunity to start the numbering for the new sequence with a chosen number.

The header settings for sequence in the above sense can be shaped in up to three versions each (first / left / right), but you cannot set different starting numbers by the shaping.

I don’t know a way to change the starting page number for a sequence of pages subsequently, except by removing the initial manual break and re-inserting it with a changed setting.
I wouldn’t claim to have understood the comment by @gabix easily. However, the subsequent comment by @ajlittoz helped me to get it: Page breaks are managed by a paragraph property accessible via the tab ‘Text Flow’ of a dialog opened either from the context menu of the paragraph or by ‘Format Paragraph…’ or by ‘Paragraph Styles’ > ‘Modify’ under ‘Styles and Formatting’.
Now I have to find the reasons for what this way was the one to go though paragraph styles used in text-tables cannot have a page-break property.

Numbering the first page something other than 1.

The best way: define a paragraph style with “page break before” and other appropriate attributes; Give this style to the transitional paragraph.

Afterwards modify the paragraph style to change the starting page number.