how can I change the writing direction to rtl in math

i need to write math in arabic which is written from right to left.
in writer i can do that after installing the arabic pack but it does not affect math i think so please add this feather if it does not exist, and if anyone knows a solution please talk

Please edit your question (don’t “answer”) to give an example of what you want. Many of us are not familiar with Aravic typographical rules. This is what I get (it is nonsense as I don’t speak Arabic):


When Arabic text is typed in Math, it is automatically reversed (RTL). I have not tried to mix Western and Eastern symbols, so please describe your intent.

The next version of LibreOffice (24.2) will have support for setting Math direction to right-to-left and using Arabic math symbols:

math-arabic-1.odf (7.1 KB)

tdf#134193, tdf#111705