How can I combine 50 calc files into one workbook?

I have multiple files that I need to combine into a single file… each individual file needs to become a different sheet within the file.

The files are informational, but they aren’t spreadsheets, per se… no mathematical functions at all. In fact, they are information labels for multiple locations, each different, though in a similar format (related equipment, but information unique to each location)

Ive done this once before in Excel, I figured Id be able to do this in Calc in a similar fashion.

For Excel, I typed/copied some script, put all the files to be merged into a single folder and then ran the script… had no idea what I was doing, but it worked. It opened each file, attached them somehow, and then closed the original files and repeated until each file in the folder had been processed. I get the process, I’m just not a coder and don’t want to become one for a Five-Times-In-My-Life-Ever usage.

Now I need to do the same in Calc since Ive switched over.

Any help?

If you can do it in Excel, do it, and then switch to Calc and save in native file format. In this case, if the data have a similar format, it is better to combine the data in one table. For getting 50 sheets, you will get a new problem to process them.

What format are the 50 files in? ODS, CSV, XLS, XLSX…?

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