How can I convert documents to PDF using LO in headless mode?

Hi All,

I have a windows 2012 Server with LibreOffice_4.2.4_Win_x86 installed. I can convert word documents (and others) to pdf through the GUI however when I try o run this as a command line this fails. When I say fails the command completes with no errors or feedback but I never get a pdf file

soffice --headless --convert-to pdf filename.docx

Alos tried with output dir switch. Any help would be great

Do you have an outside program that creates PDF’s? My scanner scans things to PDF and I have software that does the same thing. If you try to make a PDF and it fails to work correctly, running the file through a program like PDF Converter Professional might help you fix the file.

There are free programs that you can download that help make PDF files. Rather than finishing a document and trying to save it as a PDF, you can save it as a normal text file and then convert it.

That’s the only advice I have for you, as I’m still learning how to use this thing myself.

I am pretty sure @SirScannell needed help with LibreOffice, not get product recommendations :wink: