How can I copy an entire cell, paste/merge it into a new cell, and retain the formatting in the new cell?

Merging several rows into one row in Calc Spreadsheet.

In the past you have helped me with some unusual problems . Here is my latest !

I am using a macbook 10.6.8.
I have transferred File Maker Pro data to Calc Spreadsheet using merge (.mer) files.
This is an example of a problem I am having.
I have set all columns to 10 font.
C3 - C10 are rows all of which contain only one line of data. (This is all text)
When I copy and paste C3 to C2 (via line input) the result in C2 is an exact copy of C3 (10 font).
When I copy and paste C3 plus C4 (or more rows) to C2, the result is a different font, approximately 12.
If I change the font size of C2 to 11, the result becomes slightly smaller than the original 10 font.
I have changed the setting in “Preferences” “View” “Scaling”, but this doesn’t help at all.
Manually changing the font in C2 may be the only solution but is there another way ?
Note - The above is only a simplified example. Thanks for any help. Maurice.

“When I copy and paste C3 to C2 (via line input)”: Is this done by editing C2 and appending a copied content of C3?

“When I copy and paste C3 plus C4 (or more rows) to C2”: Would you, please, explain how, exactly, you proceed performing this?

How does this relate to the subject of your question (“Merging…”)?

Could you supply a simplified example as a functional Calc document, please? This document should also contain an example of what you hope (expect) to get as the result of “Merging…”.

Hi Mr Lupp - Thanks (as usual) for your very prompt reply.
By sheer determination I found and tried “Merge” late last night.
It is much easier than my method and does exactly what I needed.
Maurice (81.5 years young) ! Thanks again !

“Format” “Merge cells” works perfectly.