How can I copy and paste charts within and in between tables in LibreOffice Calc 6.1?

Hello community,

I am currently using LibreOffice 6.1 (Calc) under Windows 10.

Under LibreOffice 5 I used to create multiple charts within sheets using the same parameters (e.g. categories, scales, design etc.) in Calc. In order to work efficiently I used to copy a chart into the same or a different sheet within the same file and then merely had to readdress which source values and categories I was using instead of of having to create a totally new chart from scratch.

Now after I updated to LibreOffice 6 (6.1) I cannot copy and paste charts in Calc including all parameters any longer. This applies to attempts within the same and in between sheets. The outcome is an empty chart and I am forced to set up all parameters from scratch everytime I create a new graph.

Did anybody else have the same problem? Is there a solution? It would be a pity if I had to downgrade to work more efficiently.

Thanks in advance!


(Revised) A quick test in Calc shows Copy and Paste of charts is working on v6.0.7.3 (under Linux) and v6.1.5.2 (under Windows 7) on my computers, at least within the same sheet and between different sheets. After left-clicking the chart to select it, I used a right-click on the chart to bring up the copy-paste-etc-etc dialog box to Copy it, and then another right-click on an already selected cell to Paste the chart at that upper-left corner. Is that your method also??

This is an old topic but I did not find a solution to the problem in the blogs.
After many attempts I discovered that as a first step if I select the chart and drag it a little bit, this allows working the next standard copy and paste procedure. Otherwise the mouse click selects only parts of the chart and copy-paste do the same.

Better late than never?