How can I copy my dialog from one ods-file to another?

I have created some dialog in file1.ods and I want to have the same dialog in file2.ods. How can I do it?
Windows 10, LO


Can you share a sample file? Delete all sensible data in the file before.

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Thanks @Hrbrgr. Doing and learning (with some advise, better).


In the Basic IDE, bring up the dialog. On the toolbar there are icons to Export & Import the dialog. This is also available from the menu → File.

You can Export each of the dialogs and then in the other document Import what is wanted.

Thank you very much

@ Ratslinger Sorry, I can’t find option “Import” in menu.

With v7.1.2.2 it is under File in IDE.

Can also create a dummy dialog and on that screen there is import/export icons.