How can I create a blank math XY chart?

I’m attempting to make either a blank XY chart, or a chart that will have points on coordinates only, or lines going through coordinate points and stretching to both -∞ and ∞ on either axis. I’ve been playing with the wizard on and on for a few days, but I feel that I’m simply not experienced enough.

I have gotten to the point where I have created an XY chart, with axes labeled from -5 to 5 for both, and points that are located at each place where the coordinates meet, but I am unable to reverse engineer this chart to make what I wanna make.

Is this the kind of example you are looking for?

(Source ODS)

I have left the legend visible, but this can be deleted. It uses a basic set of four coordinate pairs and the scale of the values can be set as required. To remove the data series points:

  1. Edit chart.
  2. Right-click on data series (point) > Format Data Series…
  3. Line tab > Icon section > change pull-down selection to “No Symbol” > click OK.

The “No symbol” has brought me closer to what I am trying to accomplish. Through this process, I have had a really tough time learning the difference between Data Range and Data Series. I assume Range is the graduation of a chart, and Series is actual data. I run into trouble when I go in thinking this.

I still have to figure out how to place data points on specific coordinates.These point would require a symbol.

I also have to figure out why my Data Range(?) keeps changing from -5-0-5 to 0-5.

Thanks for your help, and your continued help?

I have a feeling that I misunderstood something. Might be I get it better if you add a hint on what you want to achieve with the help of a “blank x-y-chart”.
The editable ‘Data Range’, however, should be the union of all the ranges used to define/describe the data series given in a specific syntax.
The relevant specifications for charts (not details concerning implementation) you find in chapter 11 of this document.