How can I create a page break in Calc

I just installed LibreOffice (10/10/2020)
I clicked on Insert → Page Break → manual
Nothing happens!!
My page break stays where it’s at.
When I clear the print range, it shows all 233 lines as 1 page!
Appears that no automatic page breaks occur

Insert → Page Break → manual

… doesn’t exist in Calc. This is a menu path in Writer.

Hello @CareySmith1776

Which version of LO ?

In LO 6.4 or LO 7.0, select one cell above which or at the left of which the page break will be inserted and hit Sheet>Insert Page break>Row break or Column break

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in calc use

SheetInsert Page BreakColumn/Row Break

You can than check your ouput via

FilePrint Preview

Hope that helps