How can I create a progress bar in writer?

All I can find is info on how to do it for macros or with calc. In calc they use conditional formatting with a data bar.

What I want is a graphical representation of something that’ll look like this (in my writer file): 0 / 100. Those values will change. They might become 55 / 100 or even 765 / 9980. While those are example values, here’s what I want:
I want to somehow create a progress bar (maybe I need to create a graph somehow) that shows the progress in percent (e.g. 55 / 100 → 55% progress).

In case you’re wondering: Here is an example of a progress bar.
It doesn’t need to be rounded. I don’t need to see the actual percentage or anything else as text. Beeing able to customize the colors would be excellent.